The Live Video Checklist to help you Show Up Like a PRO

Not sure what to say or when in your Facebook live? 

Want to be a little bit more strategic with your broadcast content, so that you can convert more people? 

With my Live Video Checklist, you will be able to: 

  • plan out your broadcast, which will allow you to have a flow, direction and professionalism. 
  • keep the viewers for longer because you won't be 'winging it' but will always have something to say. 
  • get compliments from people because they will feel like you've reached a new level in 'public speaking'.
  • keep the audience engaged so that they feel nurtured, and as a result - more likely to buy your product/services. 
  • feel more like a PRO, clear with your intentions, and effective with your communication.

The Live Video Checklist can be your best friend you NEVER go live without. 


Grab it while it's $7. 


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