Social Media is a wonderful idea, until you find yourself at the edge of a cliff, screaming into the void

It sounds dramatic, but it's what so many do.

Scream at the top of their lungs. Hoping somebody would listen. Cause nobody's famous enough until enough people listen. Now if they could only scream loud enough…


No more crickets. 

No more void. No more screaming. Unless you're very excited or into metal, that is.

Now let's be honest, social media has become a crowded place. 

Right now, it might feel to you there's so much grind and not enough reward. 

Mostly all grind. Often zero reward.

So you keep liking your own posts to push the counter over into double digits.

Cause you don't know any other way. Apart from maybe posting a picture of your cat. 

The truth is, creating highly engaging, share-worthy content doesn't need to be hard. 

There is an art and a science to creating viral content around your knowledge or products.

You just need to have a creative strategy that destroys the algorithm shifts and eats viral trends for breakfast. Tested and proven by two of the dopest Viral Marketing Strategists in the World (pinky promise). 

That strategy has 3 words: 


(I call it the VIP Formula to turn your business from an expensive energy drain to a freedom and impact creating machine, globally.) 

Let's break it down quickly. 

VIRALITY - When you show up with intention and focus consistently creating share-worthy, conversation-starting, viral-style content, you're already in the top 1% of creators because you're not just throwing content spaghetti on the wall, you're being strategic about it. It starts with your mindset and it is brought to life with a viral marketing strategy. This is the secret sauce to growing your audience and impact perpetually and it's the same secret sauce that's grown my audience to over 100k entrepreneurs and helped me speak on 3 continents and be featured on Entrepreneur as one of the top marketers twice. 

IMPACT - When you create content and tell stories that connect and relate to your ideal clients, make them feel understood, they virtually fall in love with you and your work. Suddenly, they attach their emotions to YOU. And by then, they're hooked and can't get enough of you and your social media, which is why they become fanatics and start spreading your work for you. 

PROFITS - When you've gained the trust of your audience, consistently ask for their opinion and offer them exactly what they want when they want it, with the right call to action, they become loyal customers. And since by that point, they've already become raving fans of yours, you don't ever have to worry about them sticking around. They've already audited you and become loyal to you for life. 

Why should you care about this viral thingy?  

Because one good viral post can bring you more followers (ideal followers, just to be clear) than a funny video of your cat knocking things off your counter. 

The problem is most of you reading this haven't cracked the first part of the VIP Formula - VIRALITY. 

Because truthfully, there aren't that many people teaching it. 

In fact, we searched everywhere for viral templates and we couldn't find anything. 

So we created our own, tested them on our own accounts and on client accounts, studied what worked and what didn't work, failed a lot and succeeded a lot and now, for the first time ever.

Katya Varbanova and Jamie Nudelman present: 

Viral Content Templates Bundle for Creators of Impact

The Ultimate Bundle of 100 Templates and Swipes for Creating Content that Gets Engagement, Grows Your Audience Predictably & Consistently on Social Media.

We're teaching you the latest content viral trends that defeat the social media algorithm, break through the noise and reach your ideal clients. We also give you swipes and templates to ACTUALLY get it done. 

Who these are perfect for? 

  • Coaches / Healers / Authors / Speakers 
  • Marketers / Advertisers / Sales Experts 
  • Consultants / Trainers 
  • E-Commerce 
  • Real Estate Experts
  • Influencers 
  • Creative Businesses 
  • Any industry, as long as your ideal clients are on Social Media and you'd like to reach more of them. 

What you'll get:

  • 100+ of the juiciest, engaging, share-worthy content templates and swipes compatible for Canva in 1:1 square format (50 swipes and 50 fill-in-the-blank templates minimum) - VIRALITY SORTED!
  • How To - Video Tutorial on Using The Templates 

PLUS if you choose the FULL bundle, you can add: 

  • A BONUS Video Training on How to Plan, Schedule and Auto-Post your content on IG using IG-partner software. 
  • A BONUS Video Training on The Psychology Behind What Makes People Share Content on Social Media and How To Make the Most of the Algorithm to Go Viral. 
  • A BONUS Audio on How To Overcome Procrastination

What You Need For the Templates

FREE Canva account.

Canva’s simple drag-and-drop platform will have you editing these templates to suit your brand in no time.

How do the Viral Content Templates look like? 

You get a fill-in-a blank template and a real life example of how to use it with a copy structure / swipe. All you need to do is fill the gaps with words that are relating to your industry and client. That's right. These do work if you're lazy too. Or new to online marketing. 



P.s. if you would like to promote this bundle and get 50% affiliate commissions - hit me up at with a subject line AFFILIATE  

What our customers said about the templates...

Customize your order

Take your pick. You can grab the templates only pack, the full bundle pack with the strategy or the agency license.




The 100 Viral Content Templates 

How to Canva Tutorial

(Video) The Psychology Behind Going Viral By Design 

(Video) IG Automation and Planning Workshop

(Audio) How to Overcome Procrastination NOW

(BONUS) 100+ Social Media Graphics by Sky Marcano

(Agency License) Use templates on your clients' social media





The 100 Viral Content Templates 

How to Canva Tutorial

(Video) The Psychology Behind Going Viral By Design 

(Video) IG Automation and Planning Workshop

(Audio) How to Overcome Procrastination NOW

(BONUS) 100+ Social Media Graphics by Sky Marcano

(Agency License) Use templates on your clients' social media




The 100 Viral Content Templates 

How to Canva Tutorial

(Video) The Psychology Behind Going Viral By Design 

(Video) IG Automation and Planning Workshop

(Audio) How to Overcome Procrastination NOW

(BONUS) 100+ Social Media Graphics by Sky Marcano

(Agency License) Use templates on your clients' social media

Contact to request more info.



Katya Varbanova is a viral video creator and marketing strategist who helps creators of impact to reach more people through Social Media.  As the founder of 20K Nation, she teaches clients to grow and monetize their audience online through creating viral content. Katya has worked with more than 1,500 clients, enabling many to go viral,  be featured in TEDx Talks, secure book deals and sell $100k packages. 

She has spoken on stages across the world, reached more than 100K followers through her social media channels and appeared in publications and podcasts, including Entrepreneur and the Smartest Guys in Marketing. Before starting her business, Katya worked in brand management and sales for nearly a decade, handling accounts for Santander, Hewlett Packard and Superdry. 


Who are we? 

We are a power couple on a mission to make this World more collaborative. We believe that this World is abundant and there is enough success for all of us, hence why it didn't really make sense for us to keep these viral templates "secret". We want as many entrepreneurs as possible to make an impact and create more freedom in their lives. 


"I come back to Katya time and time again because she knows how to create content that goes viral and emotionally impacts your audience. She helped me create a video that reached 97k people organically (and got 61k views and 606 shares). "

Selena Soo

"Katya really knows how to create content that goes viral. She helped me brainstorm, script and produce a video that got 556,000 views on my (at the time) 2k business page (now 14k). My video has been shared over 1400 times and the best part is, it is impacting women even to this day. "

Lenka Lutonska

"Katya helped me brainstorm, script and create a video for my business. I hit my first 539k views on a video that's called "THINGS ACCOUNTANTS DON'T SAY". Considering I have an accounting firm, you can imagine how many ideal followers have been attracted to me through it. "

Annette Ferguson

"A post of mine went viral. 8.5k shares in one day. I want to thank Katya for all her teaching because the copy I wrote to the text is an example of what I learned from her. Lots of people added me and inboxed me with positive thank you messages. Thank you, Katya!"

Ovidio Efrain Lopez Aler


Jamie is a Viral Video Creator and Lifestyle Hacker. He helps Health & Wellness Influencers Reach and Impact More People with their message through Social Media and Creative Video Story-Telling.

Jamie has worked with with Influencer brands such as Kinobody, UMZU, Shawn Wells and has edited videos for Inner Light Media that have reached more than 4 million + views.

Jamie believes that in order to reach and impact the masses, it starts with mastering your mind and your daily habits as an entrepreneur. That’s why he co-founded with Katya, which is a movement and a show dedicated to helping entrepreneurs building a life even richer than their bank accounts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! They're in square format and can be posted on any social media platform including Facebook, Insta, Twitter, Linkedin, email etc. 

You'll be given access to a Resource Library with login and password. Once you login, you'll find a membership area with a PDF containing direct links to the Canva templates with one license to download. You will also see trainings being added gradually.

When you click the link, the templates will automatically open in your browser and when you select them, it will make a copy in your Canva. 

Currently the templates are released but the bonus trainings will be soon.  

We're really sorry if purchasing the templates is causing tech troubles for you. Try changing your browser. We noticed Safari crashes for some of our customers but Chrome works well. 

If that doesn't work email and we'll hook you up! 

First of all, apologies that the tech system isn't as seamless as we hoped. But I assure it's all working well in the background. Just checkout and keep agreeing to add it to your order. 

Let’s see. It’s going to cost you the same to have nice dinner out at nice restaurant or to invest in the viral content templates to use all of 2020 in your business. 

The difference is, the dinner will give you a night out and some good food and wine. A good conversation with someone you like, perhaps? A bit of quality time with someone who is in your life already. 

One of our templates may get you a customer for life. Oh, and the potential for crazy growth of your audience and as a result, impact. The kind that buys you food and wine as often as you like.

You will need to actually use the bundle. It's a tool that has to be used to reap all the benefits. But if you're ready to roll up your sleeves, it's worth the money several times over. 

Hell yes! Like we said, we're here to create more collaborations and show the World there's enough success for all of us. If you think your audience will benefit from these templates, you can apply to be an affiliate and earn 50% commissions on all purchases (including the upsells) by emailing with a subject line AFFIILIATE. Once you do so, we'll send you the deets :) 2 sales and you've basically gotten your templates for free. 

Absolutely! Just give them access to your kajabi login details! Just please make it clear that they can only use them for YOUR brand. If they want to use the templates for themselves or other clients, they need to purchase their own respective license. 

Your purchase includes ONE license for your own personal use. If you want to re-sell and re-use these for your own clients, email for details on how you can purchase AGENCY / COMMERCIAL license. 

Absolutely. Beginners can easily use them because the templates give a structure, a swipe example AND a template. They're already pre-design. 

I would recommend the FULL bundle that includes both strategy + templates. 

Plus, we have a HOW TO tech tutorial so that you can learn how to use Canva within minutes! We walk you through no our screen so you can follow what we do. 

Does your brand have social media presence on IG / FB / Linkedin? 

If yes, does your brand want to grow their reach, engagement and ultimately ideal followers and customers? 

If yes, then absolutely these are perfect for you. 

Just because you sell health supplements, that doesn't mean you can't create viral worthy educational content ABOUT the topic of supplements. 

In fact, content marketing has been proven to sell e-commerce products even better than just direct response advertising. 

"I think these are stupid because they can't replace hiring a brand designer to do these for you"
😎 LOL, the templates are $99.99 - Not $5000 (what I paid for my visual branding).
Also.. abundance, people. Why can't one do both...
"I feel like I am cheating by getting a shortcut because I was told I should do my own research and figure it out on your own.
😎 Sure, if you want to believe content creation should be hard and you want to match years of research (what we've put behind these) - you're welcome to. Hustle does feel good indeed for some and I won't prevent anyone from doing it.
"But wouldn't everyone's content look the same?"
😎 Nope, everyone's customizing them by adding their own images, their own logos, their own colors, their own fonts, their own copy and IP. We've had HUNDREDS of images posted already by our customers. No two images look the same.
Also.. again abundance.. you're operating from a state of mind that there are limited resources.
There are 3 billion people online.
What are the chances that Sally's makeup business followers in Australia will stumble across your mindset coaching account in the UK?
"But there's no formula to creating good content, so I don't think I can follow templates and get good results."
😎 There's no formula to success, indeed and there are no magic pills. I am certainly not here to promise you the World for $99.99. But copywriting formulas? These certainly exist. Copyhacker is a great place where you can get copy formulas... or just use our templates. Every swipe is a copy formula in itself. There isn't anything revolutionary about an infographic that says "10 Misconceptions about Weight Loss" and yet, it works.
"I know you're not gonna raise the price. All marketers say that and they never do".
😎 Watch me. January 5th, midnight PT.
"There's no way these can work for a product business".
😎 Behind every product business there's an industry. Behind every industry, there is knowledge to be shared.
You sell makeup? Educate about beauty, makeup, self-care, feeling good.
You sell supplements? Educate about health and wellness.
You sell Squatty Potties? Educate about gut health and poop.
You sell Some fancy shmancy product no one's ever heard of? You still gotta educate.
There isn't possible an industry this can't work for.
You just need to use social media. That's all.
"But surely when everyone is doing the same thing, things stop working".
😎 Right now, these templates ARE performing on social media. Don't worry about a year's time. By then we probably would have created 30+ new bundles that will place you yet again, in the innovator category.
We're always 10 steps ahead.
Did I miss anything? lol

The Viral Content Templates

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